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Laundry Services


Your time is valuable - let us help, and save up to 3 hours a week!

Our team will help you keep your clothes and home clean.

Spend this time differently, and leave your clothes in our care.

After a year you will save approximately 144 hours (equivalent to 6 days!!).

Laundry - Private

Laundry service for individuals in Ponta Delgada. Special rates for families and students, with collection and delivery of clothes

Perfect for your daily laundry needs.

Clothes delivered washed, ironed and folded - ready to use.

What to expect from our service?

- we always check the pockets of your clothes to make sure nothing is washed by mistake

- we separate light items from dark ones in order to preserve the color of your clothes

- your clothes are washed alone, not mixed with other customers’ clothes

Industrial Laundry

Lavandaria Insulano, located in the center of Ponta Delgada, provides industrial laundry services for local accommodation, tourist developments and restaurant and catering services.

This service includes washing, drying and ironing clothes.

What sets us apart?

Washing care:

Color separation

Care with washing temperature

Quality of detergents used

Service quality:

Attention to detail

Service consistency

Friendliness and excellent communication with the customer

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